New Adventures

As you know, I’ve been on a lengthy hiatus. I’ve been reacquainting myself with the care and feeding on a newborn little girl. Babies are exhausting little people for us grandmas! She’s seven months old now and letting me have a bit more time to do other things.


The first thing I’m attempting to do is get this blog moved to a new webhosting service. Pray for me; I have no idea what I’m doing here!

The second thing I’m doing is actually setting up a store on the new site. I feel like I’ve really overloaded my plate. Stay tuned.

I’ll let you know how all this is going. In the meantime, thanks for bearing with me while my life has been reordered. I’m starting to investigate resources available to grandparents caring for grandchildren. There just isn’t much out there in the way of support for us. I plan to publish what I have found, possibly in a separate blog, because I think there are quite a few of us. Talk about an under-served population! I could get militant about this, because we seem to be suspended between living a retired or semi-retired life and having to deal with the needs of babies and young children. More on this later.

Wish me luck on the transfer and such. Back soon!



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