Don’t Forget Small Business Saturday

Ah, Black Friday! Bargains abound and people are shopping their hearts out. Most of the money spent today will go to national and international chains. I came across an interesting site:

The 3/50 Project

Small, local retailers built this country. Please support your local merchants this holiday season.

Don’t forget your local artisans. Trust me, a lot of us have more creativity than money. Check these out and give handmade items this year:

Shop Indie

Inspire Handmade

There are lots of artisans in your community; please support them.



Something else caught my eye:

Nonprofit Tech 2.0:Social Media For Nonprofits

Their post today is called “11 Holiday Gift Programs That Benefit Nonprofits And Make The World A Better Place. Check it out and, if you can, make a gift. After the book is done, I’m going to work with a couple of my favorite nonprofits to make use of the information this site shares about using social media to raise money. Our nonprofits do so much with so little; please donate to your personal favorite.

All I’m saying is this: help your community. Where you choose to spend your dollars makes a difference. Support your local businesses and nonprofits!

Now, back to work ending this book!


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